2004 - Apartment Tower, Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Stage: DA Approval

This project was a response to recent changes in Liverpool Council's Local Environmental Plan, enabling combined mixed use and high rise apartment living. The overriding design principal was that of environmental sustainability. Solar access, natural ventilation, greywater systems and water recycling, in combination with attention to privacy, security and community, inform every step of the design process. An irregular shaped site suggested a boomerang shaped tower, with a northerly orientation. This took maximum advantage of the solar access, and 80% of apartments have living and balcony space facing north. Sections of the corridor system are open to the southern side of the building, and provide cross ventilation to all apartments. A "green wall" of living climbing plants across all levels provides greenery and privacy. Three levels of commercial podium, generally built to the boundaries, acts to continue the rhythm of the streetscape infill pattern. The podium is cut away at the southern corner and eastern boundary to respond to a heritage building on the neighbouring site.