Through years of experience (and lots of trial and error...), Benn Design has established and refined a working methodology for the creation, deployment, and maintenance of Autodesk Revit content.

Revit relies on intelligent components called "families" to create an electronic prototype of a real world project. These families can be anything from objects such as doors, vehicles or furniture to details such as window sills, bolts and brackets, gutters and more. Whether 3D or 2D, such content can carry a great deal of information useful to the designer throughout the life of a project. Creating objects that behave correctly in parametric terms requires stringent guidelines affecting creation order, naming, materials assignment, constraints, and many other factors.

The BD Library was built as the ultimate example of this process. Every object has been built, tested, refined, and then applied using a strict series of rules to ensure absolute consistency in creation and function. This means that you can apply these families to your projects knowing that they will work in a reliable, repeatable manner, that their materials have already been assigned (and are available for change), and that they have been named in such a way to keep them logically grouped and accessible in the components pull-down lists.

Further to this, we have also developed a new, more graphically rich, project template that includes more of the information that YOU need, where you need it. The template includes:

  • pre-defined room types, schedules and tags
  • new area plans and schedules to help automate the production of site utilisation information such as building footprint, built upon areas, and FSR
  • All external format content (DXF, DWG, etc) stripped out, and replaced with 'pure' Revit content
  • updated and enhanced definitions for walls, floors, roofs and other system families
  • pre-loaded shared parameters and materials

Rounding out the package, the inclusion of sample projects, read me files, and best practice documents mean that you have the background information to ensure you use the BD Library to its best effect, and that, when you begin to create your own content, you have an established framework from which to begin.

A second library has been included with this package. It contains content that we have collected over the years from various free sources including user groups, websites, forums and other sources. These items are provided as a free extra, without warranty (nearly all can still be obtained in original form, for free, from those same sources). All items have been upgraded to current versions, renamed to suit BD conventions, and run through QA to ensure correct functionality. They are further broken down into subcategories of 'pure' Revit vs. non-Revit (typically DWG) content. We have included parameters to acknowledge authorship of all such content. If you use a family for which you know the creator, let us know and we will record that information into an update of that file.

Or, perhaps you would like us to create custom content for inclusion in a specific project (or simply something that you use on a regular basis)? We create content on an ad-hoc or retainer basis for several national organisations, for individual users, and we even build the content that Autodesk has been adding to Revit for Australian users over the last 4 years. Simply let us know what your needs are and we would be happy to discuss how best to meet them.